Activities for School Vacation

7 Fun Activities to Fill Your School Vacation

School vacation are eagerly anticipated by children. After months of studying in the classroom, school vacations are the perfect time to relax and enjoy leisure activities.

However, children often feel unsure about what they should do during the school vacation. Therefore, this article will discuss several activities that can be done to fill your school vacation.

Learn New Skills

School vacations can also be used to learn new skills. For example, children can learn cooking, playing musical instruments, or drawing. Acquiring new skills during the school vacation can help children develop their talents and interests, as well as provide enjoyable experiences.

Participate in Creative Activities

Many institutions organize creative programs during school vacations. These programs can help children develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. Some creative programs that can be attended include robotics courses, art classes, or dance lessons.

school vacation art activity

Visit Museums or Art Exhibit

Visiting museums or art exhibits can provide unique and interesting experiences. Moreover, visiting museums or art exhibits can help children learn about the history and culture. This can enhance their knowledge about past events.

Engage in Sports Activities

To have a great mind, we need passion for art and fitness, ones need to also consider sports activities. Engaging in sports can help children to maintain their fitness. Some sports that can be applied during school vacations include cycling, running, or swimming.

Family Pool At Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills

Watch Movies or Read Books

Watching movies or reading books are activities that can be done to fill free time during school vacations. Watching movies or reading books can help children improve their reading skills and language comprehension. Additionally, it provides entertainment and valuable experiences.

Spend Time with Family

School vacations can also be utilized to spend time with family. Spending time with family can help children strengthen their relationships with family members and get to know them better. Some activities that can be done together with the family include playing games, watching movies, or going on vacation together.

Go on Vacation at Tourist Destinations

One of the most popular activities to fill school holidays is going on a vacation to tourist destinations. Indonesia has many attractive and fascinating tourist spots, such as beaches, mountains, and national parks. Going on a vacation to tourist destinations can also provide valuable experiences and help children become more acquainted with Indonesian culture and natural beauty.

There are various options for vacation spots, such as zoos, natural attractions, or other recreational areas. Puncak is always a destination for family vacations, as it is not too far from the capital and has its own cool atmosphere, making it a top choice for school holiday getaways.

Certainly, when you want to go to vacation spots, you have to consider accommodation options that will up your game, such as hotels or villas that are close to various recreational areas. One of the hotels and resorts that has a strategic location near various tourist attractions in Puncak is Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills.


Pullman Ciawi is one of the hotels and resorts that is very close to various tourist attractions such as Taman Safari, Botanical Garden, Jungle Land, and others, making it perfect for a vacation with children. Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills, as the first Pullman Resort under Accor in Indonesia, is located in an environmentally friendly area with 100 hectares of land, situated between Jakarta and Puncak, making it easy to access the recreational areas in Puncak.

Not only that, for those who don’t want to go far and face traffic to reach tourist destinations, Pullman Ciawi provides various activities that can be done with children, such as Scavenger Hunt, Donut Decoration, Rabbit Feeding, Kids Pool Party, and many more. 

Kids Activity at Pullman Ciawi

Your stay experience  will be memorable, exciting and a lot of fun. You don’t need to go far to have fun with your little ones and keep them occupied. Because at Pullman Ciawi, you can learn new skills, participate in creative programs, engage in sports, and spend time with your family. Surely, a vacation with children will be more enjoyable during the school holidays.

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